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The "Arkbearers" is the descriptive name of the leaders of the Young Adult and Youth Affairs of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lagos Province 18. It comprises of the Pastorate, the Central Executive, the General Executive and the Provincial Youth Delegate.

The Pastorate

Pastor Benson Adegbulugbe

Provincial Youth Pastor

Pastor Ariyo

Assistant Provincial Youth Pastor


Disciplinary Officer

Central Executives



Israel is purpose driven to help youths and young adults break out of their real life obstacles that hinders them in the true worship of God

Lara Kpade

Vice President

Lara has a vision to help young ladies achieve the best of their lives and this has been pronounced in all her major decisions in life as well as ministry

Daniel Fakowajo

General Secretary

Daniel has over 10years experience in youth leadership serving at different capacity; he has a burden for youth development

Ibukun Adegbulugbe

Financial Secretary

Ibukun is committed to the growth of the church and he believes the youth is an important part of this process

General Executive

Lara Ogedengbe

Welfare Secretary

Israel PAUL

Publicity and Media

Adewale Olawuyi

Publicity and Media

Lambert Uche

Music Director

Ajibola Wale

Prayer Secretary